Meet the lovely makeup artist turned pinup model Crystal Rose!

Meet New Jersey Makeup Artist turned Pinup Crystal Rose! Classy Pinup Model Crystal Rose The sexy vintage pinup girl style of Crystal Rose Crystal Rose - Beautiful Curvspiration! The amazing curves of Crystal Rose aka Jessica Rabbit! New Jersey Pinup Model Crystal Rose Lovin the sexy pinup curves of Crystal Rose Crystal Rose' Curvy Corset look
I have been admiring the lovely makeup artist turned pinup model on my instagram feed for quite a while now. And I finally get to feature her gorgeous curves on ~ I love her message of positivity, self-love and self-care!
Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, occupation, city you work in, and facebook or web link?
Hey Everyone!!!! My name is Crystal Rose!! I’m a born and raised Jersey girl!!!!
Mon-Fri I work a normal 9-5 office job… but evenings and weekends are spent pursuing my passions!!!
I am a Certified Makeup Artist in New Jersey and I spend any and all of my free time doing my favorite new hobby, photo shoots!!!
You can see some of my makeup work on my makeup Facebook page:
And my modeling portfolio is on my modeling Facebook page:
How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?
I have only been modeling for 6 months, so I’m still considered a “newbie”! I was actually doing makeup for a model at a studio one day, and the photographer kept telling me that I should be in front of the camera… I just laughed.. I wasn’t exactly “MODEL MATERIAL” (in my mind)
Low and behold, about a month later I agreed to shoot… and the rest is history!!!
How did having curves affect you growing up?
I don’t know if I would have called myself “curvy” growing up. I always felt heavier than everyone else. I had a much larger chest than everyone at a young age, and I was embarrassed of it. So I always wore big sweatshirts or jackets to cover up.
I wasn’t thin…but looking back on pictures now I was beautiful… I just never realized it then
How did you accept your curves?
It wasn’t so much that I accepted my curves, but I accepted myself as a whole.
I had a really rough patch I dealt with in life, and I am very open about my past, so I will give you the “long story short” version :)
I had a very bad substance abuse problem for quite a few years. I hated myself and the only thing that would make me forget it was drugs and alcohol.
I didn’t take care of myself at all, let alone anyone that I cared about. I went and got help (with the assistance of my amazing family) on 11/26/2011, and I have been clean and sober ever since.
It took months for me to realize that I can accept myself… and finally learn to see and love myself the way the people in my close circle do. I was never a confident person… if I acted as if I was it was all a façade before… but now I am so proud of the person I am today. Not only do I feel amazing… but I am so happy, and positive, and I can finally accept the person I am… cures and all!!
And if someone doesn’t like me (or my curves) I know that it is their problem… not mine!!!!!
And that makes life SO much more amazing!!!
How do your curves affect you/help you in your career as a pinup model?
I definitely feel that being a curvy pinup model is a very positive thing!!!
Nothing makes you feel more beautiful than seeing yourself on the pages of magazines, looking amazing in pictures, and knowing that people are enjoying seeing them as well!!! And I view these pictures as a story of my journey… and I’m proud of myself and everything I’ve overcome over the past few years… and it is all thanks to my curves!!!
And I want to thank all of the magazines and websites (especially!) for supporting and inspiring women of all shapes and sizes, to go out and pursue the true beauty that we all hold!!!

Meet Healthy, Curvy Pinup Jenny Penny!

Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link?

Hey all! I’m Jen aka “Jenny Penny” and I’m currently living/working in the Boston area. See me on facebook at

How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?

I’ve been modeling for almost 2 years now. I decided on a whim to participate in a pin-up pageant at a tattoo convention, I didn’t win, but I absolutely loved the experience! After that I was booking shoots whenever I could. I have since been published almost 20 times, done some runway shows, and even some catalog work! I know I started this journey a little older than most, but I am enjoying every minute of it! :)

How did having curves affect you growing up?

Growing up I was definitely not the skinniest kid. I was pretty lucky in the sense that I always had close friends that accepted me as I was. It wasn’t until college where I really packed on the pounds. Once I turned 21 I realized it was time for a change and dropped about 90 pounds. I’ve had some ups and downs with my weight since then, but I have realized that I will always have a curvy frame, and I am ok with that!!

How did you accept your curves?

I guess the biggest way I have accepted my curves is with this whole new venture in modeling. I have become much more confident and truly love expressing myself in this way. Of course I will continue on with a healthy lifestyle, but I know that this is the body that I was given, so why not flaunt it when I got it! ;)

How do your curves affect you in your career as a pinup model?

The whole idea of pinup modeling is to show off your curves! Pinup modeling is awesome because just about anyone, any size has a chance to show off their sexiness! It’s great to see so many positive role models of all sizes out there for girls to look up to. If I can reach even that one girl, and help boost her self-esteem, then I would feel like I have done all this for a great purpose!! :)

Meet Curvy Cutie Sophie Sassafras!

Check out the cute curves of darling pinup and burlesque performer Sophie Sassafras from Kansas City, MO. Check her out on facebook – or at

What got you into the world of pinup modeling?

I have been pin up modeling for about four years. I have always had a love for vintage. I was lucky enough to have my great grandparents in my life for most of my childhood, so I would dress up in my Great Gram’s clothes all the time.

How did having curves affect you growing up?

It was often tough. Kids aren’t always the greatest to each other. At the same time it really made me strong as an individual. I focused more on 4-H & community involvement.

How did you accept your curves?

I have been performing burlesque for 6 years and teaching it for about a year. Burlesque has really helped me as a women to see how each and every single one of us is beautiful!

Meet Curvy Poisonous Pinup Lady Liz!

While featuring the awesome, fundraising, social media driven pinup group “Poisonous Pinups,” I was overwhelmed by the amount of gorgeous, confident, and curvy pinup models they had in their group; I wanted to feature them all! Today’s feature is also from that group, the sexy and fun pinup Elizabeth Ivers, aka Lady Liz – Check out her story now!

Can you tell us a little more about you, Lady Liz?

I work in Brevard, NC & Asheville, NC, but I am willing to travel anywhere to work and will be attending Amazicon in Essex, PA April 4-6, in order to rep the Poisonous Pinups booth!You can find me on Facebook here: or here: I’m also on Instagram @pinupgirl4lifeliz

I have been modeling for over 18 years, but I got into pinup the end of 2012. I was really drawn to the uniqueness of the whole pinup/rockabilly look. I knew that modeling was what I had always wanted to do my entire life, and I finally had an opportunity last summer 2013 and entered my 1st pinup contest! I was so nervous, as I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t win, but I learned a few new things, met a lot of really cool people whom I am still good friends with and whom I also convinced to become a Poisonous Pinup Gal like myself!

I was actually approached by a photographer and asked to take pictures with an awesome rat rod, and I sent out a couple of these pictures and then started my 2nd Facebook page, which quickly became a hit in less than 3 months with 5,000 friends! I just kept continuing to go to car shows, pinup contests, submitting my photos to any and all magazines I came across, which is a full time job in itself, and ANY opportunity I had to take pinup pictures I took them, and they came out awesome!
I also do my own hair and make-up and have friends take my pictures, so I do the best I can to not spend that much money on these often expensive pinup necessities!

Growing up I went from flat chested to a 34DD overnight at age 12! But the funny thing is, I didn’t show off my curves, I always wore hoodies. Nobody knew that I even had large breasts, for a 5’8″ 110 lb girl, until I went to my prom! Then I had the problem of guys just wanting to go out with me because they thought that just because I had large breasts and had done modeling, that I was going to be “easy”. Well guess again! I knew I was pretty, intelligent and having large breasts was just a bonus, well… most of the time. I did and still do have horrible back problems because of my breasts.

I also had an extremely difficult time finding bras and bathing suits that fit me! Apparently Bra manufacturers, mostly men, think that just because a woman has 34DD breasts that she is also overweight. Well lets just put it this way, THERE ARE NO CUTE OR SEXY BRAS IN BIG GIRL SIZES!!! When I would shop for bathing suits, I would have to secretly switch a large top with a small top in order to wear the matching set with the small bathing suit bottoms, lol!

I embraced my large breast size the older I got, and I began to show them off even more in college when I did some swimsuit modeling. This was where I was told by certain photographers that I was considered overweight due to my breast size – So I was told I could only do swimsuit, lingerie and nude modeling!

After I had my 2 boys, now ages 4 1/2 & 2 years old, I was even more insecure about my body and my now not so perfect and perky DD breasts. So when I had so much positive comments and feedback about the first pinup pictures that I posted on Facebook, I decided that I would continue to pursue my dream of modeling, even as a 30 year old mother of 2 toddlers!

Pinup modeling has an entirely different perception in the modeling world because it allows women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, etc. to express themselves and be proud of their individuality and unique beauty. I believe that pinup modeling is a great way to express yourself, make a woman feel beautiful, make a woman feel more confident about herself and her curves! But above all pinup modeling makes me HAPPY!!! Life is about doing the things you love and are passionate about and pinup is my passion! Life is too short to be miserable, that’s why I try my best to live everyday to the fullest and even though I am a mother, I can still live my dream of being a beautiful, curvy pinup girl!

Meet Lovely Pinup Scarlett Raye!

When featuring the awesome, social media driven “submit yourself” pinup group Poisonous Pinups, I found the driven, sexy, and confident pinup model Scarlett Raye! It really is time you check her out!

My name is Scarlett Raye. I am a soon to be 36 year old mom of 3 boys. Live in Southern New Jersey but model in the tri-state area. My Facebook page is

How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?

I have been modeling for about two years. Started after Hurricane Sandy destroyed our area. I was asked to volunteer for a fundraising calendar, and I’ve been going strong ever since!

How did having curves affect you growing up?

I have always had curves. And always wanted to model but never fit into the stereo typical fashion of a “normal” model. And of course having 3 boys I now have more curves in areas and less in others. Lol!

How do your curves affect you/help you in your career as a pinup model?

I started modeling because I found the beauty in myself and I want to show other women that they are beautiful no matter what size you are or aren’t. I may not have 6 pack abs anymore, but does that make me less beautiful? No it doesn’t. Sex appeal is something we give off from the inside… Not how society says we should look but how we are comfortable with our own body and beauty.

Meet Curvy, Confident Model Samonster Rose!

Not only is pinup Samonster Rose curvy and gorgeous, but she is also confident and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. I love that she is ballsy and sexy – which is what makes her a MODERN PinUp!

Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link?

My name is Samonster Rose and I’m a professional model based in Los Angeles, Ca. You may take a closer look at my work here on my Facebook page and also on my Instagram @SamonsterRose.

How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?

I’ve been modeling since 2007. It all started with one single photo. Soon after that I was behind the lens shooting all the time. Most of my photos were not released to social media because they were very risque photos. I absolutely fell in love with posing in front of the camera and with time passing I wanted to make modeling my career. To embrace the femininity and fierceness combined in one is all I push for in my images when doing my job. When I saw one single photo of Masuimi Max modeling for Coffin Case I needed to make my dream into a reality. That’s all it took. You can see more of my modeling and credits on my Model Mayhem.

How did having curves affect you growing up?

I was actually a really thin kid growing up. My family would tease me and call me “flaca”, which means skinny in spanish, until I was in middle school I had developed earlier than others. The teasing and bullying from the boys and girls was constant. Being top heavy really did affect my self esteem because there was nothing I could’ve done to hide them and I hated having big boobs. I never wanted to have them. But now it’s a totally different story.

How did you accept your curves?

During high school I never really payed any attention to myself gaining weight or maturing because my attitude and my way of thinking is completely rebellious and everyone who knows me knows that. I am very firm on what I believe in and some people even think I’m vulger for speaking my voice. You are who you are whether you’re thin, or voluptuous. It all really comes down to is how I see myself. I can be perfectly honest and tell you there is room for improvement of course but I’m happy the way I am. Skrew what society and shallow pricks observe you or think of you.

How do your curves affect you/help you in your career as a model/pinup model?

Being a mature woman and being a model absolutely has made me accept my body shape and form because it’s all about confidence. I love my body shape! From wearing pinup form fitting clothing looking exquisit to rocking threads that are tore up looking badass certainly makes my curves shine when I’m working a modeling gig and in everyday life. It has opened doors for me as well. Curves and sensuality are a part of me. You cannot be in the modeling industry if you’re insecure about your image. If you’re scared of the way you look, weigh, or even second guessing yourself then modeling field is not for you. No one is better than me nor am I better than anyone. This day in age with all the support system of femininity helps acceptance in oneself too. I also feel that you don’t have to have curves to be sterotyped or catagorized as beautiful. Be a good egg and spread the positivity. Lift someone’s spirits and praise one another and accept. Love and value yourself because confidence is beauty.

Jason Kamimura Photography
Jimmy Garcia
L’ Image Photography

Samonster Rose

Samonster Rose

Meet Curvy Fitness Guru Gia Fey of Body By Gia!

After seeing the gorgeous, toned curves of Los Angeles based trainer and pageant queen Gia Fey, I knew I had to feature her on CurveInspire! Having fitness goal and working towards them doesn’t mean you don’t love your body – Wanting to tone your body and still keep your curves does is a healthy, positive goal and I love that Gia’s mission is to help curvy girls love their bodies even more! Check out to connect with her and learn more!

Body By Gia, LLC has a mission is to teach women to love their curves by showing them exercises to enhance their hourglass figure to build self – esteem, confidence and acceptance of their curves. My meal plan and exercise program is not based on getting skinny instead getting healthy and fit while maintaining healthy curves. I love the feminine curves that God blessed me with but for years I tried to fit into the stereotypical trainer because I started my training career in Hollywood and I grew up in South Pasadena with Asians and skinny Caucasians.

After years of not being able to minimize my curves I finally accepted them and started to train my body different. I realized that they were not going anywhere so I might as well make them toned. I never use to work my hip abductors or gluteus mudius because I knew that would make my hips grow out due to muscle growth and now my workouts consist of the complete opposite. As my body got more fit and my business developed I started posting youtube videos and I started getting an overload of emails about how I made my curves so fit. I then realized many woman were struggling with the same issues and quickly realized that the acceptance of my curves was inspiring woman around the globe. I loved that I finally accepted my curves because now I inspire thousands of woman around the globe to love their curves and even want to build more curves. That’s where curvy girls fitness was born.

Through my workouts at the studios I was working at I created a whole workout program with exercises that worked the “corset” muscles, the ones that taper the waist in. The other emphasis of my program was the Gluteus medius which is what shape hips and that enhances muscles to create the hourglass figure Vs training only gluteus maximus that makes girls more boxy shape losing their feminine curves. With the huge following I developed, I was able to finally open up my own studio in Los Angeles 7 months ago. Its a woman centric studio with 2 different classes I created and trademarked. “CurvyGirls Bootcamp”, that is currently being scheduled to be put on DVD’s by a company investing in the production and Cycletone. Both consist of 30 minutes of my unique exercises and 30 minutes of cardio, one being cycling and the other because aerobics and conditioning. My meal plans consist of lots of healthy food with a caloric intake of anywhere between 1600-2100 depending on height of female.

My views on fitness now are totally different than when I started 11 years ago and what clients desire now is totally different too. Back in the days girls asked me to make them as skinny as possible now its the complete opposite. They still want to get toned but keep their size and shape. I now believe that fitness is not about getting skinny but rather healthy and curvy; to be fit but still have curvy. I look at how beautiful Marilyn Monroe was and how evolution in the media has distorted what a real woman should look like.

I stay in great shape but keep my curves by eating as much as I exercise. I eat 5 meals a day and exercise 5 times a week. My breakfast alone is 1 cup of oatmeal with an apple and 2 eggs with 2 more egg whites with mozzarella cheese. I have 2 more large meals like that with two snacks in between like a protein bar or cottage cheese and fruit and nuts. In order to keep my curves I enjoy 1-2 cheat meals on the weekend to keep my body fat but maintain a strict healthy foods diet all week. It keeps me balanced and its a lifestyle that is sustainable.

Being selected for the Queen of the Universe 2014 pageant as Miss Venezuela because of my intelligence, accomplishments and beauty, I feel confident that even though I look very different than the other girls I can be an inspiration for other curvy girls to follow their dreams and apply for pageants even though they are not a size 0. I believe my curves help me stand out and gives a great example that beauty queens come in all shapes and sizes. This is my first pageant and I have yet to see how my curves will affect the final outcome. I am very optimistic and feel it is POSSIBLE for me to be Queen of the Universe 2014!


Meet Curvy PinUp Cutie Devyn Beth!

Meet Kansas City Pinup Devyn Beth!
Love her curvy, vintage style!
Devyn Beth, pinup darling!
Meet the lovely pinup Devyn Beth from Kansas City! See more of her here:
How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?
I have been pinup modeling since 2011. I have always loved vintage clothing and all things mid-century,  so that love for the 1940s-early 1960s lead me to pinup. As I was searching the internet for mid-century goodness in the Kansas City area, I found a local pinup studio and I  decided to give a photo shoot a try.
How did having curves affect you growing up? 
 I definitely suffered low self esteem in my pre-teen/teen years.  I was painfully uncomfortable in my own skin, I dabbled in crazy diets–from  eating nothing but baked lays potato chips, to limiting my daily caloric intake to only 200, to even trying to make myself throw up.   I had a big personality and I covered up my self esteem issues by using humor and being silly, but there were definitely times that I hated myself because of a number on a scale or on a tag of my jeans.
How did you accept your curves?
I decided that I had to learn to love and accept myself and my body, when I became a mom to a daughter.  I did not want her to have to deal with the same self esteem issues that I dealt with by learning that behavior from me.  I wanted her to learn to love herself and be confident in who she was and to always see herself as beautiful.  So, I had to learn the same thing.   First, I got healthy.  I decided that diets don’t work, that I needed a life style change,  I started to eat healthier foods and to work out on a regular basis,  before long I lost 50 pounds,  and I gained true confidence in myself and my beauty.  I am still very averaged sized, I am by no means “thin,”  but I am healthy, I am curvy, and I am strong. 
How do your curves affect you/help you in your career as a pinup model?
  I love that the pinup genre not only accepts womanly bodies, but celebrates them.  Having an hourglass figure has helped me in pinup because it gives my photos that  true vintage pinup look of the 1940s and 50s, and it also makes me relate-able to more of my female followers.  I want to be able to inspire other women to see themselves as beautiful no matter what size or shape they are. 

Social Media Goes Sexy – Come Check Out Poisonous Pinups!

One of the things I love as much as curvy pinup girls is social media. Blending the two has been a great way to expose more people to the glorious curves of new wave pinup models. I stumbled upon the new pinup group Poisonous Pinups on Instagram, and I loved their philosophy that  any girl can be a glamorous pinup girl SO much that I decided to feature them here on! I wanted to know more about the mission of the group, so I asked the organizer Geoffery VonGore more about them! He said:

Poisonous Pinups was born out of the desire to mix and merge multiple types media. Started in October of 2013, the main goal of Poisonous Pinups has been to blend together classic pinup cosplay, horror, burlesque and more. The rapidly growing social media pages feature many models from those genres and tries to live up to our idea that every style and type of woman is desirable. Poisonous Pinups proudly considers itself a family, trying to help all it’s new and original Poisonous Pinup Gals with any aspect of navigating the business or life in general.

Already hitting home with with our fans, we have held three successful events in Philadelphia at the Legendary Dobbs and 3rd & Girard. Some of the sponsors have included Inked Magazine, Inked Shop, Steadfast, Sourpuss, Philadelphia Eddies, Cosplay Deviants, Betty Page Reveals All, The Living Corpse, Tri-State Ent., Amazicon and more. The 2014 Pinup calendar was released in December to much fanfare and a raucous release party.

Available at our website, along with the start of a clothing line featuring the Poisonous Pinups mascot, the calendar features twelve of our original Poisonous Pinup gals. The present website will soon be evolving into a full subscription site, so fans will have the ability to interact with their favorite models. Incorporated into the interactive site will be many other new features such as product reviews and contests.

We take models through a submission process of 2-6 pictures to start, sent via email or Kik, which we then in turn feature on our media sites. If models need help with shooting pics we have teamed up with a super talented photography company Vampgrrl Studios, located in Asbury Park, NJ. When the new site is live we will have a spot for gals trying out for Poisonous Pinups along with our main Poisonous Pinup Gals with galleries, blogs, comic book/toys/movie talk and more.

We hope to break the mould and bring all aspects of entertainment under one roof for our subscribers viewing pleasure. We also work closely with our sister company, Grindhaus Girls who feature the “darker” side of modeling. Look for Poisonous Pinups and the Poisonous Pinup Gals at upcoming car and pinup shows in the tri-state area, Monstermania, Chiller Theatre, Wizard World, San Diego Comic Con and more.

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @poisonouspinups Email: Kik: poisonouspinups

Meet Lovely PinUp Model Jess W!

Check out the gorgeous curves of Cincinnati Pin Up Jess W! Adorable Pin Up Style! Cincinnati pinup babe Jess W! Loving Jess W's curves and confidence! Domestic Goddess! Total Curvspiration! Pinup Photographer and Model Jess W CE2A6829C24web
Welcome! Please tell CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link:
 I am in Cincinnati Ohio. I am the Owner and Photographer at and I like to step on the other side of the camera too! My Facebook fan page for my modeling is:
How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?
 I have been modeling for a couple of years now. I started out Photographing Pinups in California where I was born and raised. There is a big scene for Pinup there and when I moved to Cincinnati in 2010 I brought my love for pinup here with me. Everyone always pushed me to step in front of the camera and stop hiding behind it, so now here I am. ;-)
How did having curves affect you growing up? 
Growing up I played hockey and rode dirt bikes. I wore a lot of over sized clothes and jerseys. I always thought of myself as one of the guys. I didn’t realize until one day when I was changing in the locker room at the rink and it went silent (if you have ever been in a boys locker room you know they are LOUD) I turned around to see a room full of wide eyed boys. My backside has always been my biggest asset. (pun intended) ;-) After that I realized I should probably change in a separate room, hee hee!
How did you accept your curves?
 I have never been a petite girl, my thighs have always touched, my bottom always jiggled and I am okay with that. I embrace my curves! I love form fitting dresses, I take it as a compliment when someone points out the size of my butt, and I always have a smile on my face. After all the smile is a gals most flattering curve!  :-)
How do your curves affect you/help you in your career as a model/pinup model? 
When I think of Pinup I think of a way to celebrate the beauty of women as a whole. Pinup is for gals of all shapes and sizes. Being a curvy gal and a pinup model often goes hand in hand. I think my curves definitely appeal to my fan base and let other gals considering pinup know it’s okay to be curvy and have confidence! Love your self, love your body, it will shine through! <3
Photography by: Jess W Photography Studio
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