Rose B and #BodyPositivity!

Hello! My name is Rose Bowling. I’m a nurses aide and home health aide from Pioneer, Ohio. You can find me on facebook at: or you can follow me on

I found the body positive movement in February of 2014, when I was just starting my real body love journey. I had just signed up to participate in a fashion runway show for Curve Appeal, a plus-size resale store in Lakewood, Ohio. I began posting pictures from our photoshoots on Instagram, so through one body positive hashtag or another, one of the original #pizzasisters4lyfe liked my picture, and I was drawn into the movement.
Growing up, the kids in my class were just down right mean. No matter how hard I tried to ignore them, every word tore down my self-esteem until there was barely anything left. I gained some back when I made the cheer squad in 8th grade, and even though I constantly heard mean comments about my body, I never gave in. I cheered through high school, and even made Varsity co-captain my Senior year. However, it wasn’t until my Senior year of college that I finally realized my own self-worth. Bullying and hateful comments had torn me down so far, it took me 9 years to rebuild my self-confidence.
I learned to love and accept my body through the runway show, the body positive community, and positive self-talk. The women in the #pizzasisters4lyfe community, the #CurveInspire community, Curve Appeal and the other Killer Curves Girls, and the other body positive communities on Instagram helped me gain confidence. They inspired me to be myself, and to love my body. They helped me understand that I am not alone in this world, that many others have faced or are facing the same struggles I am. I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, we all do; but, for me, the good days have finally outnumbered the bad, and that, my friends, is a victory.

Loving Yourself Now

Love Yourself First

In a Weight Watchers meeting this fall, the leader played us a video of a member that had lost over 50 pounds. In the success story video, the woman exclaimed that now that her body was thin again, she could finally love herself. When I raised my hand to share a brief synopsis of the body positive movement I had discovered online, that their message was to love yourself and your body regardless of your weight. Everyone in the meeting looked at me like I was an alien and suddenly, I realized I wouldn’t be attending this meeting again. A long time Weight Watchers yo-yo dieter, a member off and on since 2004, it occurred to me after all this time that the diet was less inspiring than it was bullying me for not being thin. Making members feel like the kid that gets picked last in gym class when their number on the scale doesn’t go down that week, and now implying to us we can’t truly love ourselves until we look like their version of a success story.

I gained a lot of weight after finding the body positive movement, it’s true, but I no longer felt like hate shaming myself into losing weight. Losing pounds with Weight Watchers was no longer as important as keeping the love that I had found for myself and my body. I feel like I love myself more now than I did 40 pounds ago on the Weight Watchers program, and it’s honestly pretty sad. There are multiple reasons why I didn’t appreciate the body I had then, but I just wish that I could have appreciated it. Of course, I wish I could get back there and am taking steps to eat healthier than I was while I gained the weight, but I no longer feel like hating myself to get there. I am learning how to lose weight without shaming myself and hating my body, with no help from Weight Watchers. It’s not easy, but I’d rather do it this way than lose the love for myself that I found along the way.


More Curvy Costume Ideas 2014!

What are YOU going to be for Halloween? It’s coming up sooner than you think, but there’s still time to thrift together an awesome costume or order something amazing online! These costumes are so flattering on curvy girls, we are loving the sexy corset and how easy it is to turn one into an amazing costume! We hope you are finding inspiration from these gorgeous costumes we are finding!

Meet Beautiful Belly Dancer Natalie Zara!

With an Instagram name like @Curvy, It’s safe to say we’ve been following curvy belly dancer Natalie Zara for a long time! Her amount of beauty, poise, and body confidence for such a young lady is what inspired us, and we feel everyone deserves to get to know her! Read more here, and don’t forget to check her out on instagram and facebook!

How long have you been performing as a belly dancer?
I have been dancing belly dance for about 5 years but performing professionally for about 3 years now.

How did having curves affect you growing up?
My curves always affected me, I always felt like the “bigger” girl with all my friends growing up, I sometimes felt ashamed, and Id always figure out a way to drop weight but I always gained it right back. Now in my 20’s, I’ve realized my body is just meant to have a little more meat on it and I’m okay with that now. Curvy girls are beautiful.

How did you accept your curves?
It wasn’t until I started getting serious about my belly dancing that I accepted and started embracing my curves. I gained confidence and started loving myself and my body. I learned to challenge my body and because of my dancing, I have a great appreciation for my body.

How have your curves helped/hindered you in pursuing your passions?
With my belly dancing, my curves have helped me simply because a lot of the moves are hip movements and it’s great to see my body move the way it does! To see my curves put to work, my moves look so much bigger, but because of that it also makes me want to continue to improve and work on my technique. Bigger movements but also precise and sharp movements are the way to go, so – practice practice practice! I just want to show other girls that it’s okay to be a curvy dancer or performer, and sometimes audiences prefer that too ;)

Curvy Halloween Costume Ideas 2014!

At, we’re pretty obsessed with Halloween, costumes, and everything dress up! Every fall, we celebrate by coming up with a list (ok, usually multiple lists) of costume ideas for curvy girls. Or really, just any girls that love dressing up and need help coming up with ideas. Whether you are into store bought or DIY costumes, we hope to help you  find the perfect costume!

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