Meet Curvy New PinUp Sally Stitches!

When we first saw Sally Stitches on Instagram, we knew she had to be featured as one of’s “Body Positive Models!” We loved her curves, confidence, and body positive perseverance – and loved learning her story of how she changed her life and learned to love her body and herself!

My name is Amy but I go by Sally Stitches. I live and work in Bismarck, ND. I am a full time massage therapist for an amazing AVEDA salon and spa. It’s my dream job and I’m proud to say I’m happy to go to work every day. I am also a full time single mother. I somehow successfully balance work, being a mom and pin-up modeling. My facebook link is:

I feel like the pin up lifestyle found me. I’ve always loved the 50′s and 60′s and the whole idea of being a pin up. I actually told myself it was my dream to do it but didn’t think I could. My self esteem wasn’t always the greatest. I had quite a poor body image actually. I went through a divorce earlier this year (2014), and around the same time had a friend who has been involved with the pin up and modeling world for a handful of years ask me to join in on a local pin up group she was going to create. We didn’t have much here in North Dakota so I thought it could be just the push I needed. Because of my new found confidence with breaking free from my marriage I decided what the heck, even just for fun this could be awesome. I fell completely in love with the whole thing. I quickly became quite obsessed with the pin up lifestyle and knew I had found something that would change my life.

As I was growing up I was a chubby kid. The thing is I didn’t really know it. Which I suppose was better for myself in the long run. I occasionally got made fun of but it wasn’t really ever about my weight. I then hit my teens and all my chub basically shifted to hips and a butt and boobs (not much but they were there). I became very involved in cheerleading and the high school dance team so I actually stayed quite slim, yet I always had hips, until I graduated. I gradually put on weight in my 20′s which deteriorated my self esteem over time. Nothing I did to try and lose weight seemed to work so I tried to love my body the way it was but I really struggled. I got married and put on even more weight after that. I then got pregnant a few years later and feared I would be like a house. After I had my amazing son I really struggled with many things. My marriage was failing, I wasn’t happy at work, and I weighed my heaviest I had ever been. Then I got an opportunity that would completely change my outlook on body image. I was offered a job at Torrid, which is a trendy clothing store for sizes 12-26. Working in this store changed my life. I got to help women who had been me, crying in the dressing room, hating my body, and now they were crying tears of joy because they felt beautiful no matter their body size. It made me look at myself differently. I actually lost a little weight just because I think I was happier. Helping those women at Torrid and finally finding clothing that fit ME well completely changed my entire self perception. I was proud of my size 16. I felt beautiful. It really was a turning point for me accepting who I was.

I was extremely nervous to model in front of a camera. I still get nervous. I worry about my tummy and my thighs just like every other woman. I have stretch marks and cellulite. I carried a child for 9 months. It happens. My curves I feel have definitely helped me connect with other women. I’ve had countless emails from women saying how they look up to me and admire my confidence. How they wish they had the courage to do what I do. And I tell them they can!! Every woman is beautiful no matter if you are thin or curvy. It’s what makes us amazing. I’m a firm believer in empowering each other as females instead of bringing each other down. I have made some amazing friends through modeling, of all shapes and sizes. I thought being plus size would hinder my abilities as a model. Wardrobe wise especially. But really there are so many shops out there that carry all the sizes that I’ve yet to actually run into this problem. I definitely still get photos back that sometimes I’m like, “ohhhhh I don’t know ~ I feel like I look pregnant in that!” but then I look at others and I’m like, “you know what, this is who I am and I feel like I’m really growing as a model and a person because of it!”

I turned 30 this year so I suppose this is my way of really starting to live. And I’m never looking back!

Meet Pinup Miss Priscilla Poison!

Read on as gorgeous, curvy pinup model Miss Priscilla Poison shares her awesome curvy acceptance story!

I’m Miss Priscilla Poison and I am an alternative pin up model. I live in the city of Whittier, CA but travel out of LA/OC  county for modeling multiple times throughout the month.

I first began modeling in 2011 when a modeling group invited me to “try out” to become one of their pin up models. I had always gravitated toward pin up and vintage clothing but never in a million years did I think I’d be modeling like the women in the 50’s. I remember being obsessed with “I Love Lucy”  and Tex Avery cartoons as a kid. As a baby, I had goldilocks curls and fair pale skin so my entire family called me Shirley Temple. I owned every Shirley VHS and would watch them over and over hoping to really be just like her. I think the real pinnacle point of my “pin up obsession” was growing up and realizing that pin ups had these spectacular curves and it was OK! It was completely part of their sexual persona and it made them almost flawless.

Growing up, I was “the fat girl” with the pretty friends – until high school, when I developed an eating disorder so bad that my weight dropped to 100 lbs in only a few short months. Thankfully, many of my friends noticed something was wrong and I gradually put the weight back on. This time around I was complimented on my curves. I’d walk into a bar or a party and something different happened. I wasn’t the fat girl with low self esteem anymore. I was the curvy woman that turned heads and was asked out on dates or offered free drinks. Pin up style is the best compliment for my body type, or it could be that I just love this pin up culture so much that it’s like a magnet to my life and my fashion choices.

The scene in the pin up model industry hasn’t quite accepted all forms of curvy models. I still get rejected from certain modeling opportunities because of my size and weight. Although it leaves a bit of a sting to my ego, it without a doubt fuels the fire in me to keep breaking down those barriers and those stereotypical walls of what a real “model” should look like. I love knowing that I can represent the everyday curvy woman, but what really keeps me going in my pin up modeling career is that I have the biggest opportunity just to represent ME.


Miss Poison

Body Positive – Curvy Model Love!

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The Curvspiration of lovely Plus Model Kristina Yeo

Unfortunately, plus size models have to deal with the same unrealistic beauty standards that the media and modeling industry force on us all. They still have to fit into a certain size, and still have a pretty flat stomach, toned and perfectly proportioned curves, etc. There’s been a lot of body shaming towards plus size models, some saying they are “too skinny” and not technically “plus sized,” while others say they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle because they are “overweight.” It’s all nonsense because the models are all beautiful, and they’re not to blame for the ridiculous standards they are forced to follow in order to have a career. I still love plus size and curvy models, and love to feature their beautiful curves on

Meet Gorgeous Pinup Gal Cigarette Lucy! met the gorgeous, curvy, and confident pinup Cigarette Lucy on Instagram. When we found out that she not only had great curves and style, but also had started a plus size pinup store online, we knew we had to feature her. Her body love and positive pinup girl vibes are encouraging other rockabellas to love their curves, and we love that!!

Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link?

I go by Cigarette Lucy and I work in and around Los Angeles, CA! My Facebook is actually

How long have you been modeling/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?

I have been modeling for just about a year now. It all started when I wanted to take boudoir pictures for my husband. Those pictures were seen and I was contacted to participate in a pin up contest and it just grew from there! It was a whirlwind blessing!

How did having curves affect you growing up?

Other than being the only 6th grader to have to wear a sports bra in P.E.? HA! I developed early and had a womanly shape early on! I was often made fun of for being chesty. Girls didn’t like me because the guys paid attention to my figure. Guys poked fun at me and made sexual comments. Middle school was rough!

How did you accept your curves?

I have always been very confident in my curves. I once was with my mom at the doctor’s for a physical and the doctor said, “You know you are overweight, do you want to talk about it?” I replied, “What do you want to talk about I fill out my clothes just fine, I feel good and look great?” She was stunned and my mom burst out in laughter. I would not be the same person without my curves. I am proud to have the same curves my mother and grandmother had before me!

How do your curves affect you/help you in your career as a pinup?

My curves have been both a blessing and a curse. I have been told, you are too big for this job or that. I was actually involved in a pinup fashion show, went to the fitting and the director told me, “You aren’t large enough to be considered plus size but you are too large for regular, sorry we just can’t use your shape for this show.” It is a bummer but it happens, you roll with the punches and keep flaunting whatchu got!

My career as a pinup has also been greatly enhanced by my curves. I recently launched a webstore and we only carry sizes XL-4X in pinup and rockabilly apparel and accessories. This is your one stop pin up shop for the plus size gal. I wanted to be able to help my fellow curvy girls and nothing brings women together better than shopping! We launched the #BBTSLOVE giveaway to be able to get curvy women of all shapes and sizes seen in our logo tank top!

Curves make a women beautiful no matter what her size!

Meet Curvy Pinup Cutie Alex aka Ally Kat!


It’s time to meet the gorgeous Alex, aka Ally Kat – a natural PinUp girl and aspiring vintage hair and makeup artist! After seeing her and her lovely, curvy confidence on Instagram I just knew we had to feature her! Check out her curve acceptance story now!

My name is Alexandra Kennedy (Alex or Ally Kat), and I live in Lapeer MI, but I grew up in the Flint area, so I’m currently adjusting to the downtown life in Lapeer which is a lot of fun. I’m not employed right now due to the fact that I’m attending cosmetology school full time- I plan to work as a vintage hair stylist and makeup artist once I am licensed- I really want to work on photoshoots in the rockabilly/vintage scene. You can find me on my personal Facebook page or on ModelMayhem at model #3070732

I have been “modeling” my entire life, I’ve always LOVED being in front of the camera- there are dozens of photobooks full of my cheesy fashion shoots and things from when I was a little girl. I started to do serious photoshoots at around age eleven, with some family members and friends who had cameras, and I finally did my first professional shoot about 2 years ago. I’ve always been fascinated by the past, and my fascination with the rockabilly culture began about 3 years ago after seeing a couple concerts. I was never into the music as much as the pretty girls who seemed like dolls. I’m good with hair and makeup and outfits, so I just decided to see if I could make myself look like them, and now every day is a new game of dressup! The photoshoots are just a fun addition for me.

Growing up, I felt very self conscious of my body. Up until about age nine I was a bean pole. My doctor had projected me to be about 5’9″ once I was done growing, and I was always made fun of for being so skinny. So until I started to develop, I was used to being made fun of for the having exact opposite body type. After developing some curves, and never growing past 5’6″, I just started dressing like a boy and wearing big band t shirts and all kinds of studs and heavy eyeliner to make myself less conventionally attractive so no one would notice my body. At formal events, people would always comment on my cleavage and make me feel uncomfortable and sort of violated. I didn’t really start to accept my body until I started high school, and when I was 14 I met my boyfriend (who I’m still with) who has always told me I’m beautiful no matter what, and really encouraged me to put myself out there since I am unique.

I learned to accept myself mostly through positive encouragement and my fascination with the past. I looked at all these retro starlets and models and realized that there was a time when being curvaceous was a positive thing, more so than it is seen to be these days. I realized I thought they were more beautiful than the photoshopped models of today anyway, and I decided that I was really very blessed to already look more like them thanks to nature. Once I realized there was this whole pinup scene, I dived in headfirst and my confidence increased tenfold.

My body type is really more suited to the style that I’m in generally speaking, so its never been much of an issue for me. The biggest problems that I have with my body are usually related to clothes not fitting, or just angles looking weird in photos. I’m very lucky to find a vintage dress that fits me properly because of my bust. In fact, just last week I bought a 1950s party dress at an antique store that appeared to fit and then ripped right across the chest when I put it on at home. That was pretty crappy!! Haha! But overall, I’m very confident with my body now and I know what clothes suit me. Its all just about making it work and learning what you’re comfortable with. And appreciating that you can fill out a dress right!! I find that most women (and even men) in the retro style are VERY accepting of all bodies, so its very easy to accept yourself and feel good.

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