Curvy Halloween Costume Ideas 2014!

At, we’re pretty obsessed with Halloween, costumes, and everything dress up! Every fall, we celebrate by coming up with a list (ok, usually multiple lists) of costume ideas for curvy girls. Or really, just any girls that love dressing up and need help coming up with ideas. Whether you are into store bought or DIY costumes, we hope to help you  find the perfect costume!

Meet Body Positive Beauty Jessica!

Hello lovelies, I’m Jessica Alice and I’m 21 years old. I live in Birmingham, UK and have just left my job as a Learning Support Assistant at a Primary School to go to University to study Psychology in October of this year! You can follow me on instagram @essenceofjess_x

I created an instagram page to post healthy foods and exercise regimes to inspire me to lose weight! I was following loads of ‘before and after’ and ‘nutrition’ pages and one day stumbled on @honorcurves instagram page. Her page was basically saying ‘it’s okay to be fat and happy, you can be big and beautiful and that fat was not a dirty word’. I had never heard that before and over the next couple of weeks, I started unfollowing my ‘before and after’ pages and started following confident, curvy girls such as @tessmunster , @gabifresh , @daniellevanier , @calliethorpe & @katelondonjames. Without following these girls I don’t think I would be where I am today! It has literally changed my life and I’ve had a few girls tell me that i have ‘inspired’ them to wear something or do something and it just makes you so proud! I love the quote that says ‘Girls compete with each other. Women empower each other!’

I was always quite a confident child. I was strong minded and was involved in pretty much everything in primary and secondary school from, school productions, choir, girls football! Even though I was a little bigger it didn’t stop me doing things. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid (a hormone imbalance due to the thyroid gland not functioning properly) and was made to go to a dietitian by my doctor because I was overweight due to my thyroid! I hated going! It made me feel so self conscious, I felt as if being ‘fat’ was an illness and from then up until I was around 17, I used to weigh myself everyday and got a little bit obsessed with my weight. I lost around 3 stone which I was happy with (at the time) then my goal was 5 stone, then 6 stone and it was then I thought to myself ‘I’ll never be happy with how I look’.During my last year in secondary school I wouldn’t have my picture taken because I felt like the ‘fat’ girl and regret that so much because I have no picture memories of my old school friends because I was so embarrassed about the way I looked! I wouldn’t go out for meals or eat in front of anyone apart from my family because I thought people would think ‘oh typical fat girl, always eating’ ! I wish I could go back and knock some sense into 15-16 year old Jess!

Accepting my curves and the way I look wasn’t a conscious thing! It seemed to happen without me even noticing. I rekindled my love with clothes and found a new love with ‘selfies’ hahah. Going from a girl who hated her picture took to becoming a ‘selfie addict’ felt amazing. Like I said before the girls on instagram helped me love myself but the main person was my boyfriend, Brett! I met him when I was 16 through a website called ‘Tagged’ I was too shy to talk to boys in real life so I talked to them online as my personality came through so much more! After months of talking we finally met and I was sooo shy! He told me I was beautiful and that my body was amazing THAT many times I finally started believing him and 5 years later he’s still stick with me so I can’t be that bad ;) but on a serious note, I have a lot to thank him for!

Career wise, my curves don’t concern me at all! I no longer worry about being ‘the fat girl’ because I am and I love it hahah! I’m healthy, I have a wonderful boyfriend, brilliant family and friends & a good head on my shoulders! My weight (& money) used to stop me travelling which is a big passion of mine. Growing up me and my family stayed in the UK to holiday. 1. because of money and 2. we used to go on holiday with my nan and grandad who wouldn’t go on a plane. But as soon as I had left college and was working, I booked a holiday to Crete, Greece with Brett. I wore boob tubes and bikinis and showed skin and guess what?! no one cared! It was amazing. This year I also travelled to Paris for my 21st Birthday which was incredible! I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower & it didn’t fall down! I took a selfie in front of at least 60 people so I could have a picture with ‘Mona Lisa’ haha! If you let your curves become a hindrance, you will never do anything ‘until you lose weight’ & that might not happen for a year or so, so don’t waste your life with ‘when I’m thinner, when I’ve lost weight’ DO IT NOW! Look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I am looking HOT today’ & go and conquer the world! Curves and all! Xxxx

Jessica’s Curvy Fitness Journey

When we met Jessica aka @Jessk1991 on Instagram, her Curvespirational weight loss journey was awesome and inspiring – we just had to feature her healthy weight loss and body acceptance story! Don’t forget to follow her on!

Jessica's fit and curvy before and afters The beautiful Jessica McKnight Curvy Instagram babe Jessica shows off her hard work!

What moment or event started your weight loss journey? 

It was about the month after my boyfriend and I split up. I was really quite down in dumps because of that plus sometimes my family are not exactly body positive. It was one particular day when my mother comments on how I looked and I was talking to one of my friend’s when he set me up with a beginning exercise program to try and get me a bit more happy with myself.

 I don’t actually know what my starting weight was and don’t know what it is now. I don’t really go by weight I go more by how I look. Because I also do weights training as well as cardio weight changes are not as dramatic as physical ones. What I can tell you is I am down 3 dress sizes :)
What was your thought process that made you decide to lose weight
It wasn’t really my thought process it was more my friend Shaun’s. He didn’t want to see me so upset about myself anymore so he made me do the exercises even when I sooked and complained. When I lost my first dress size I was very happy and proud of myself and that is what kept me driven.
 I stay motivated through how my clothes fit and how I feel. When something I wear often starts getting loose keeps me motivated and proud. Its really the pride in myself that keeps me going. Also, my boyfriend and I got back together about 4 months later and he couldn’t believe how I looked and was so happy for me which has inspired him to try and get in to better shape too!
What would you say is the most important factor in your weight loss?
 For me at the beginning it was actually getting moving that was the most important factor for weightloss but I think overall its a change in mindset that is the most important thing! Getting fit and losing weight is like giving up smoking, you have to be ready and willing to try and try again. its not a change in habits its a change in lifestyle! making time to exercise, make health conscious food decisions and providing a large amount of commitment to the cause… but also not getting upset if you lapse every now and then :)
I actually study full time and work 2 jobs so I don’t have a lot of time to prep food so I am on lite n easy. Its healthy choices so I don’t lapse all the time and make bad food decisions travelling between jobs like I use to. On the weekend I also cheat meals. Its important to not deprive yourself ALL the time. That is what will lead to a binge and then you will feel disappointed in yourself. You just have to do it in moderation. On the weekend, if my boyfriend wants to go out to dinner we go and I order whatever I feel like. I work hard during the week and I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and weightloss is a slow process, I think with how I work I am allowed to have something a bit naughty every now and then hahaha!
What is you exercise plan like? What keeps you motivated? I train legs on Mondays which involves lots of squats and lunges, Tuesday is back and chest with chin ups, low rows, chest press etc, Wednesday is arms so lots of dumbell raises and shoulder presses and on Thursdays I do Ab work. The weight routine takes about half hour and then I do 1 of 2 cardio routines afterward. I either do circuits of jump rope, burpees and interval training on the rower or I do half hour on the elliptical as I have a bad ankle and can not run on the treadmill without hurting it.
How do you feel about your curves now? I feel pretty great about my body. I have a long way to go still but I think I look pretty good and my boyfriend tells me how great I look all the time. sometimes I still have those ‘fat feeling’ days but they are few and far between now. 

Meet Body Positive “Real Curvy Girl” Kelly!

Meet Kelly Von Lunen,’s lastest “Real Curvy Girl!” The copy editor from Kansas City caught our eye on Instagram, where the blogger/Roller Derby girl posts plenty of beautiful, body positive photos and selfies! We loved Kelly (aka Mel Breakdown of Dead Girl Derby’s Royal Pains), her curves, and her confidence! You can find her on FB or Instagram

How did having curves affect you growing up?
Growing up, I wasn’t curvy; I was just chubby. In the 90′s, I remember this being less common than today, and growing up is just hard anyway. So I was definitely a “fat kid” growing up. Nonetheless, I played sports starting with t-ball at age 5 and just never quit. I played softball, volleyball, tennis, and basketball in school. In college and right after, I went to the gym and would play pickup games whenever I could. But even as I lost some weight and toned up, I always felt like that fat kid.

How did you learn to accept and love your curves?
In college, I became interested in the body-positivity movement. I read some books on it by accident, and attended some non-credit seminars about loving yourself. I surrounded myself with great people, kept interested in my own style of fashion, and slowly started to fully accept my body for what it is.

How do your curves affect you in the world of Roller Derby?
Roller derby is a great place for men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. As a 20-something cisgendered woman, I feel like I haven’t had to fight any battles in those areas. But even though we accept larger women in derby, I feel like there is an unspoken desire to be as “fit” (read: “thin”) as possible, or at least to lose weight over the seasons. I did lose weight initially, but gained that back and more. It’s mostly muscle, and I feel great. With the added strength, I have gained a spot on my league’s all-star team as a blocker. This wide booty and these muscley thighs help me immensely in my position. Knowing that opponents are afraid of my butt makes me love it all that much more. Derby fashion is often also quite revealing, and I was hesitant at first. But the more I wear short shorts and strappy tank tops in public and no one cares, the more I am comfortable baring that in front of people.

Meet “Real Curvy Girl” Molly!

At, we are constantly getting inspired by curves while on Instagram (our social media drug of choice!) The body positive movement is booming, and despite the ever-dreaded “hate trolls” trying to bring girls down, body love is now everywhere we look on Insta. We love that these gorgeous girls are loving themselves and not letting anyone else tear them down or tell them otherwise. One beautiful girl that was complete curvespiration for us was Molly aka @thatmollygirl. Her positivity shines through in all of her photos, and we just had to feature her as a “real curvy girl” this week!

My name is Molly Bystrek. I reside in Kansas City, MO. I am entering my last year of law school at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law and I plan to practice immigration law upon passing the bar *fingers crossed*. I am currently interning at an immigration law firm here in Kansas City that also runs a non-profit organization that provides legal representation to indigent non-citizens who are facing deportation. I’d prefer to keep my facebook private but I can be found on instagram under @thatmollygirl and on twitter under @mshottamolly.

I first discovered the pinup lifestyle through my Grandma Rose. She has always been my style icon and, while not always my most body-positive fan, she consistently lauded my “classic” looks and likened me to a pinup model. Oddly enough, I think my next exposure to the pinup lifestyle came from dabbling in a “chola” look. A lot of the girls drew inspiration from old pinup models and I fell in love with the dramatic winged liner, red lips and signature hairstyles.

I don’t think I realized I had curves until I was into my 20s. Both my mom and grandma are very tiny women and they always told me how pretty my face was and how much better I would look if I slimmed down. I always knew that I wasn’t built like my mom’s side of the family – I was taller than my mom by age 10. Early 2000s fashion did not make it easy for me to dress my changing teenage body, what with the crop tops, super low cut jeans, and shrug jackets being in style. I was a tomboy for much of my youth so I mostly hid under my brothers’ tall tees. I definitely didn’t love my body as I was growing up.

I think I started the slow process of accepting my curves and appreciating my body around 17 or 18 years old. I was slowly starting to discover little changes I could make to modern fashion that looked so much better on my body. It also helped that I had a boyfriend at the time who constantly told me that my body was perfect. I’ve really grown into loving my curves probably in the past 2 years. I started watching shows like “What Not To Wear” which addressed different body types and started mimicking styles that I liked. It has been quite the journey learning how to dress my body but I like to think I’ve come out triumphant!

The only “hindrance” that comes to mind was just encountered recently: One of my male law professors made a comment that I need to “tone down the sexiness” in how I dress. I was wearing an off-the-rack navy blue skirt suit. I think curvy women are often viewed as overtly sexy because we have traditionally womanly bodies. I am definitely aware of my curves and try to view my professional outfits with an unbiased lense to avoid any more comments to that effect but, more importantly, I make sure that I feel great in whatever I’m wearing. My curve honoring clothes give me confidence and they can’t teach confidence in law school. I believe my confidence, curves, and affinity for high heels compose a deadly cocktail that make me a force to be reckoned with in any venture I pursue.

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