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Meet Bella Sin of La Femme Mystique!

Hello CurveInspire Readers, My name is Bella Sin “The Rustbelt Girl” and the name of my troupe is Le Femme Mystique Burlesque,  located in Cleveland, OH and we have expanded to Pittsburgh, PA. My website is, from there you can read my blog, find my twitter and facebook along with the group’s youtube page.

How long have you been a burlesque performer?
Almost 9 years, I started in  ’03 and’ it was quite the number. But in my nine years of performing, every time I get on stage  feels like the first time!
What got you into the world of burlesque?
I was fascinated with history at a young age. When I immigrated to the USA, I found a book while in high school that introduced me to the history of it. I attended a burlesque review that starred Kitten De Ville and she stole my heart. Then I attended more with The World Famous BOB and The Pontani Sisters that truly inspired me to move forward with my passion. Today, I have been honored by being named one of Cleveland’s most interesting people 2011, and I have come out in many newspapers and a couple of national documentaries. Being a performer now for 9 years has helped me grow in many ways, even getting my first movie roll. I feel truly blessed !
How did having curves affect you growing up?
I grew up in a very non-curvy atmosphere, actually. In Mexico, I remember that my aunts and mother were always on the next diet trend and the home based remedies they used were always to lose weight. And I was getting told, “if you get fat you won’t get married.” I was made fun at school since I developed early,  it did hurt me but it did not seem to stop me from being who I was. In my life, I have always been told, “you’re fat,” but I don’t  really know or even then understand how it’s an impediment? Truly, it gave me a thick skin towards the mentality that I had to be thin. Honestly, I was thin in my childhood, it earned me the nicknames “Hueso” in English, which translates to “Bone” and when I got bigger and developed, they called me “Gladiador” in English “Gladiator” so really I have been in both sides. I think the effects of it were more towards the point of wanting to look for a body positive side of life.
How did you accept your curves?
Honestly, I think I always did. It came to a point that if I did not love myself,  I was never going to achieve what I wanted. When I knew that there was no issue with being curvy is when it took off for me. I would like to live a healthy lifestyle and a very active one, so that is why I took steps to it. But when I was told, “your body is that of a Grecian statue,” that’s when I looked back and became confident. After I had my little girl was another thing, losing the baby weight they kept telling me… I was like… I need to be healthy for the birth of my little one, let alone my own well being. So even when I was at my largest, I sparkled with personality with my curves!
How do your curves help you in your career?
Girl, How don’t they? Corsets, Costumes, Fringe, Rhinestones- they all look great on my figure, and I like to think that when I started Le Femme Mystique Burlesque and I said, “this is a full figured troupe and changed it to an ALL FIGURES TROUPE!” is when my curves really helped me take off. Honestly, my man loves them, my fans love them, and I get to inspire those out there to not get down because of their size!~ be healthy by all means, and active, but be happy that you are who you are! Walk it, Believe it, and Rock It! Nothing stops you from being beautiful. My curves helped me gain confidence in my craft! There is not one day that I’m not reminded how beautiful my body is (I even write myself notes). When you are truly YOU, you will be more than happy to embrace your self! That is something I am lucky to have, self-love and confidence in my curvy figure :) Bring on the HourGlass Figure!
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