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Meet Curvy Rocker Rebecca Terry!

Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link?

 My name is Rebecca Terry and I’m a singer/model based in the Seattle area. My facebook page is:
There will also be a reverbnation page coming soon, so stay tuned!
 How long have you been a pinup/What got you into the world of pinup modeling?
 When I was 18,I started doing photoshoots because I needed images for presskits to represent my music. Photographers saw my work and wanted to shoot me, so I became a model. From there, due to my curves, I entered the world of pinup. I have always had two vices…shoes and lingerie. This world lets me enjoy both!
 How did having curves affect you growing up?
 Having curves sucked growing up! I was literally the first in my 5th grade class to mature. Buying clothing was challenging as well. I wanted to wear all the trendy styles and they didn’t fit me right. By the time I hit middle school, my figure had already arrived. The boys and girls my age always picked on me because I developed so early, but, the older boys loved me and the older girls hated me because of it. Growing up I always thought I was fat (with assurance from my peers that I was) because of my curves. Once I grew into my curves, I realized how lucky I was (and am!)
 How did you accept your curves?
 Once I realized my curves weren’t going anywhere, I learned to dress them appropriately, and the way the boys look at me- I can’t help loving my curves! My curves make any dress look stunning on me.
 How do your curves help you in your career as a model/pinup model?
 The bottom line is that curves are sexy, period. When you think about sports cars, they have curves. Curves are classic, a ’67 Camaro has curves and so does a ’68 Corvette. Men and women are attracted to curves. Pinup is great because it’s about women celebrating their curves and being sexy at any size in their own skin.
My curves have helped me to get published in Seattle’s Pin-Up Quarterly, Domination Magazine, and The Seattle Sinner. I’ve done photoshoots with motorcycles, classic cars, machine guns, and guitars. Curves=Classic.
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