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Meet Montreal’s Damiana Dolce!

Will you please tell me and my CurveInspire readers your name, city you work in, and facebook or web link? Damiana Dolce of Montréal, Québec. http://www.damianadolce.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Damiana-Dolce/243177645732019 How long have you been a pinup/What got you into the world of pinup modeling? I’ve been a Burlesque performer since 2003, but  my first Pinup style shoot […]

Gorgeous and Curvy Models and Pinups!

I am in awe of these beautiful, curvy models – pinups and “plus size models” alike! I love seeing curvy models in the media to remind me that I don’t have to be skinny to be sexy!! Which one is your favorite??

Gorgeous, Curvy Models of the Day!

CurveInspire.com is back up and running, and today we are featuring a few of our favorite beautiful, curvy models! They are confident, curvy, and inspiring! “Plus Size Models” may not be a favorite term here, but we can call them pinup girls, curvy models, voluptuous lingerie models! Whatever you call them… We love them, we […]

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